Thursday, May 1, 2014

Italy 2014

So we are off again.....we will be in Italy for the month of May.  And this year I am planning to resume my daily reports so your mailbox should be prepared for lots of Italian content.

If you would prefer not to have the inevitable daily journal, please let me know.  This year my web experts have said that they will be able to post the reports on the Zurer family web site so there are options.

We leave tomorrow for Milan and our itinerary looks like this.  (I have attached a pdf of a map of the route; the letters correspond to the map positions.

May 2-6: Milan (A)
May 6-10: Mantova (B)
May 10-14: Florence (C)
May 14-18: Noli (Liguria) (D)
May 18-22: Barge (western Piemonte) (E)
May 22-26: Casale Monferrato (eastern Piemonte) (F)
May 26-29: Gravedona (north end of Lake Como) (G)
May 29: near Milan airport (H)

Jim and Diana

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